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Positive and Negatives of Hiring a Mortgage Broker

When it comes to home buyers, the job of searching for a good financing option seems immense. This is the point where they take the services of mortgage brokers into consideration. Hiring an experienced and professional broker is a clever decision to get the best interest rates and terms. However, just like bank loans comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, hiring mortgage brokers also have its own pros and cons that are to be studied. Most people prefer dealing with brokers rather than dealing with loans from direct lending institutions. Still, it is very important to know the positives and negatives of a mortgage broker before hiring. 


One Solution

One of the major reasons for hiring mortgage brokers is that the people can outsource their leg work which is to be done in the process of mortgage shopping. These brokers have contacts with various lenders, mortgage companies and banks. They complete all the mortgage-related formalities from pre-approval to closing on your behalf. This saves you a lot of time because you neither have to look for the best rates nor get into any related complicated process. Also, they can warn you about the lenders that charge heavy interest rates and ask for huge payments but still, it is very important to do your own research and small homework to know of everything related to the best mortgage lenders

Get the best rates

As brokers deal with lenders daily, they obviously have more contacts than you. So, they can get loans with better and lesser interest rates from the lenders as they do business with them on a regular basis and high volume. Also, they will be able to negotiate with different lenders from your side and will give you a shortlist of the best available mortgage deals. As some lenders cannot be contacted directly so you will need to hire a mortgage broker to contact them if they are giving better deals than others. 

Save the fee

Again, as they have contacts with a lot of lenders because of their business, they can save your money and get your fee reduced by the lenders which cannot be done by you. Also, these mortgage brokers oblige lenders to reduce some or complete fee involved buying new mortgages such as application fees, appraisal fees and origination fees.  


Conflicting Interest

You being a borrower will have both positives and negatives of the broker’s relation with lenders and bankers. Here the disadvantage for you can be the inclination of the broker towards one specific lender. If the lender pays a good commission to the broker to bring new customers, the broker might get you to the same lender rather than sending you the one suiting you the best. Also, the fee that they get is according to the amount of the mortgage. So the broker can get you the mortgage that will maximize his/her compensation. This can be considered as a contradiction to your goal of getting the best mortgage at low-interest rates. 

No guarantee of the estimate

You need to be aware of the offers that include “good faith estimate”. It is because the broker does not act as the supreme authority and cannot make the final decision. Whenever the lender includes this term in his/her offer, it means that there is no guarantee of the deal to remain the same till the end. Sometimes, the lender may add other charges later which you will not be aware about. 

So these are some pros and cons of hiring a mortgage broker.

If you are still hiring a mortgage broker, one of the best is PierPoint Mortgage. We provide all types of home loans you require. Also, we work with a team of experts who have ample of knowledge in this field. 

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